Thursday, September 04, 2008

I-420 Coaching Clinic

There are so many different ways to enjoy the sport, from types of boats to the various jobs on each boat. Different types of racing too, from long distance to short course, team racing to model racing. Among all the choices are the events used in the Olympics, and while Olympic sailing is not the end all, it is a part of the sport where the cream can rise to. One of the prominent classes throughout the world for youth sailors to compete in, and what has proven to be a handy stepping stone for those on the Olympic path, is the International 420 class.

The I-420 is hardly on the radar in North America. To suit the needs of institutional sailing, the sturdier Club 420 was developed and is nearly the standard for youth, high school, and college events. The Club 420 is a dumbed-down version of the I-420, and while it does a great job of fulfilling its intended purpose, it should come as no surprise that when top North American youths travel overseas to compete against their peers in I-420 events, they get hammered.

There are no I-420 events in the states, but one group that has worked for years to improve the situation of youth development is the California International Sailing Association (CISA). The organization owns nine I-420s, annually extends grants to train youth in the boats, and provides financial support for their overseas travel. The problem is that with so little expertise in the I-420, the training is without proper guidance.

To address the situation, the United States I-420 One Design Class Association is seeking applications from coaches to be invited to its ADVANCED COACHES SEMINAR from 5th to 8th of December 2008 to be held at the United States Sailing Center, Long Beach, California. This is the 1st North America and Caribbean Coaches Seminar and will be sponsored by the Newport-Balboa Sailing & Seamanship Association (NBSSA) and the International 420 Class. I-420 Class boats will be provided by the CISA from its training fleet. The US Sailing Center – Long Beach will host this first ever collaborative effort to advance the skills of coaches in this internationally recognized one design class.

The well known sailor and team builder, Jim Saltonstall of Great Britain, will be the lead coach for this seminar which will include class room, hands on and on the water sessions with the coaches and volunteer sailors. The cost of the seminar, lodging and meals will be underwritten by NBSSA and the International 420 Class – all the coach has to do is arrange to air transportation to and from the Los Angeles area for arrival the night of the 4th or early morning of the 5th of December. A maximum of 15 U.S. coaches will be chosen from the applicants. For additional information call the office of Larry Law – the I-420 US Class President – at 949-660-8833 or e-mail at Also, click here for online information and the application,

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At 11:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a cool idea - but remember there was a I-420 class once upon a time in the US and it produced some great sailors. In the end it died out because the boats became too expensive and the average junior sailor could not afford the boats - not to mention the lifespan of the hull was notoriously short.


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