Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Charities or Olympics?

At least one British organization feels that their country has lost sight of the big picture in their support of Olympic sailing:

Lack of funds could sink sailing charity
A WELSH sailing charity launched just three months ago faces the prospect of going under due to a chronic lack of funding.

The Swansea Bay Sea School, backed by round-the-world yachts- woman Tracey Edwards, aims to offer character-building sailing trips for youths from deprived backgrounds on board the huge £1.2m Challenge Yacht.

But yesterday sailing expert Justin Cotter, who founded and now heads the charity, says it desperately needs an injection of corporate sponsorship and grant aid just to stay afloat.

Mr Cotter, 43, said the emphasis on Olympic success by big charity funders such as the National Lottery, was partly to blame for the sea school’s financial difficulties.

“The emphasis with sports-related grant bodies now is with centres of excellence and the Olympics,” he said. “But charities like ours, which aim to change people’s lives, are just as important.” -- Read on

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