Monday, August 25, 2008

Trimaran design

Assuming that BMW Oracle Racing wins its appeal, and forces Alinghi to compete in a multihull duel, the unveling of the BOR trimaran provides Alinghi with some key info. Remember, Alinghi has not said where the races would be held, if they needed to be held at all. Comparing the BOR tri (above) with the ocean going design that Francis Joyon sailed to gain the solo elapsed world record (lower, red), note the lack of volume in the BOR hulls. While Joyon had to be ready for the rigors of the Southern Ocean, BOR is counting on a smoother course. Will Alinghi be obliging?

The dimensions of the BOR tri are assumed to be 90 feet long by 90 feet wide, but that still needs to be confirmed. Joyon's IDEC is 97 feet long (floats are 80 feet) with beam at 54 feet.

Here are some additional photos from today's christening ceremony:

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At 3:57 PM, Blogger gnafungo said...

Whatever the weather, BOR tri hulls needs less volume because of the foils that Joyon's tri do not have...
Anyway, I don't think they would compete in the roaring 40's... You should have seen the faces of Alinghi's crew at Lorient hospital after foncia had capsized... I bet you they still fear big tris in waves.
See you tomorrow in Lorient for Banque pop 5 unveiling day.

Gnafungo, Lorient

At 1:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Report from inside camp was that the new tri managed 20kts top speed in only 6kts of breeze and 2 reefs in the main !!!


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