Monday, November 30, 2009

Kaenon Polarized eyewear

I have been wearing Kaenon Polarized eyewear, partly because company owner Steve Rosenberg is a friend, and partly because Kaenon is an advertiser. But I also like them, and I know I wouldn't wear them if I didn't. I am sure the same goes for all the top sailors that wear them too.

Since the Kaenon website has so many choices, Steve has provided a list of what the pros are wearing now to help us with our choices:

Russell Coutts wears Lewi G12
Brad Butterworth, Hard Kore C12
Anna Tunnicliffe, Beacon C12 / Georgia C12
Genny Tulluch, Georgia G12
John Kostecki, Hard Kore C12
Jimmy Spithill, Lewi G12
Ben Ainslie, Rhino G12
Iain Percy, Baton G12
Cam Lewis, Lewi G12 Rx Freestyle
Peter Isler, Burny G12 Rx Freestyle
Shirley Robertson, Georgia G12
Mark Mendelblatt, Hard Kore G12
Andrew Campbell, Hard Kore G12
Pete Melvin, Jetty G12
Chris Larson, Hard Kore C12
Terry Hutchinson, Kore C12

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