Thursday, November 05, 2009

Peter ‘Luigi’ Reggio

When it comes to running the races at major yachting events across the globe, one name is consistently at the top of the list of people to call. Peter ‘Luigi’ Reggio has ticked the boxes on all of the big regattas - America’s Cup, Olympics, TP52 MedCup, RC44 European Circuit, Farr 40 Worlds, Melges 24 Worlds….and so the list goes on. His unique expertise reputation for fairness and open dialogue with the competitors makes him a popular choice with regatta organisers and sailors alike. Peter is not a blue blazer, straw hat kind of guy, and his friends had some fun at his expense when he recently turned 60.

We received this email Friday morning:

"I mean not to offend but, for the moment, I have taken Luigi's 60th birthday video and made it private on YouTube. I did not anticipate the video becoming viral within the sailing community and appreciate the compliment in your posting a link to it. However, for the moment, I had to make it non-public while I make sure that those involved are okay with their faces going from a one-time birthday surprise to public personas for the day. My apologies and, again, thank you for complimenting my "creative talent" and Luigi's need for embarrassment."

Later Friday morning, the video went back online with some very minor editing:

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