Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Australian Challenge

From Mark Chew:

In contrast to the current absurdity of the Americas Cup, I thought your readers might like to here of a genuinely Corinthian adventure which is due to get under way in December.

Two Australian Classic Yachts, "Wraith of Odin" and "Fair Winds" are planning to sail 1200 nm across the Tasman from Brisbane to Auckland to compete in a four day series called the Southern Trust Regatta for Classic Yachts. Despite both yachts having highly experienced crews there are no professionals on board, there is no sponsorship involved and the only motivation is a bit of adventure and the chance to challenge the Kiwis in their own back yard.

Even though this is an Australian Challenge the connections with the USA are strong. "Wraith of Odin" is an immaculately restored 57 ft Alden Malabar XIII built in 1950 with a long record of offshore racing. "Fair Winds" is a 1956 43ft Philip Rhodes design (no 633) built by Abeking Rassmussen.

In your recent threads you have often discussed where sailing losing the plot in regards to popular appeal. Here is a formula for success. Take two stunningly beautiful 50+year old yachts.......adventure across 1200 miles of ocean with a bunch of mates. Race then HARD when you get there. Don't care too much about the result.

It works for me.

"Wraith of Odin"

"Fair Winds"

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At 1:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading about the Malabar XIII, n/k/a Wraith of Odin. I sailed on the Malabar XIII in the mid 1950's. I would like to know if there is a possibility of one sailing on her again and if there is, could you please advise how I contact the appropriate people. Please let me know via email at gcrawfordjr@gsrm.com. Thanks, gvc, jr.


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