Thursday, November 19, 2009

Leucadia Open Invitational Match Race Event

The Leucadia Open Invitational Match Race Event was founded in 1999 by organizer Ken Redler, who nearly annually transforms his home into Queludia Yacht Club to hold this radio control sailing contest in the sparkling azure waters of his backyard pool.

While the BMW Oracle Racing team tested their 90-foot trimaran on San Diego Bay in hopes of competing in a match race event, the 2009 Leucadia Open was actually having an event just 30 minutes to the north. Organizer Redler and Star World Champion overcame the other 20 entrants to meet in the finals, with Redler winning his third open.

Ken Redler in the tie-die shirt leading the skipper's meeting.

The Leucadia Open rules.

Spectatators are kept a safe distance from the action.

Nearly as technical as the America's Cup.

Pre-race action... this is real match racing.

Follow the eyes... are these two skippers even on the same leg?

Photographer in dangerous position to get this shot.

Spectators surround the event "stadium".

Redler (left) and Szabo in the best of three finals.

Big breeze at the top of the course... from the electric fans.

No photographers were harmed in getting this photo.

Heading to the leeward mark, with the spectators literally on top of the action.

Follow the eyes...who is ahead?

These might only be two servo cheapo boats, but wing-and-wing still looks cool.

The road to victory...

... and the winner is Redler.

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At 7:39 PM, Anonymous John Fracisco said...

Figures the OBYC folks would be match racing Snipes!

At 10:03 AM, Blogger oknives said...

Imagine George racing without his star crew, Rick Peters. What is the world coming to ?


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