Monday, November 02, 2009

BOR 90: New and improved

It was on Monday, September 8, 2008 when I was in Anacortes, WA during the first day that the BMW Oracle Racing team opened their construction base to the media. They had been trialing the BOR 90 trimaran for a week, and were now ready to reveal some details on their Deed of Gift challenger.

A lot on the boat has changed since then, and I went to the team's San Diego base on Friday, October 30, 2009 to get an update. The most evident change is the removal of the coffee-grinder pedestals above deck, and the addition of the new BMW diesel engine below deck. The 33rd America’s Cup will use engines for the first time to power the winches and hydraulics, and while the boat may not appear too different, it absolutely sounds different. And when the entire boat shudders during load testing, with an intense rev to the engine, well, if you have ever seen a top fuel dragster burn out prior to a start to warm its tires, then you know what I mean.

Here are some of the other observations:
• Removal of main hull rudder
• Removal of main hull daggerboard
• Removal of helmsman safety cage
• Longer bow sprit
• Greatly reduced netting between main hull and amas
• Addition of ama daggerboard lifts to aid in raising and lowering
• Addition of water ballast
• Newly raised and relocated mast base
• Deeper ama rudders

Other changes around the BOR training base include a new second tent for sail work, and an enlargement of the main tent. While the sail tent is open for viewing, the main tent is not, and it is in there that the team works on their special modifications, which some suspect may include the construction of a hard wing rig.

Here are some photos of the boat:

Without the netting, John Kostecki now has to walk the back beam to get on the boat.

Cameraman showing how there is now little room for error.

Helm Jimmy Spithill is alone and elevated, and with no safety cage, he is literally holding on to the wheel to stay onboard. Also see the removal of main hull rudder and daggerboard.

New ama daggerboard lifts to help with raising and lowering.

Two of the BOR support boats discussing the boat in the background that has been shadowing the team.

Could this be an innocent spectator, or an employed observer of the Alinghi team?

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At 7:22 PM, Anonymous Rick Bernstein said...

Keep up the great work, then go destroy them:)

At 7:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Show me the engine! Pedal to the metal.

At 7:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the grinders have been replaced by a diesel... Oh well, good luck boys!


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