Monday, September 15, 2008

Small boat, big challenge

The whole bit about wanting to go where no man has gone before, challenging our abilities, setting new standards... we get that. We understand. If you have special abilities, and desire to set some type of history, go for it. However, if your desire is to set a record by sailing a sub 4-foot sailboat for 10,000 miles, hmm, err, well, how can we say this politely... do you need a hug?

Here is the scoop:

British yachtsman Tom McNally is about to attempt to enter the record books as he soon embarks on a double Atlantic crossing in his purpose-designed 3 foot 10 inch boat, “The Big C"! Setting off from Cadiz, sailing to Central America, Texas, Newfoundland and back to his home town of Liverpool, Tom will sail a total of approximately 10,000 miles. He has previously held various ocean records for sailing in very small craft; the last craft being a comparatively massive 5 foot 4 and a half inches. However he subsequently lost that record when American sailor, Mr Vihlen, completed the trip in a boat just half an inch shorter.

Apart from trying to gain the record, Tom is also raising money and awareness for charity Sail 4 Cancer. Having been chosen by Tom to supply his sails, Jeckells the Sailmakers are supporting his efforts by donating a portion of every order received at the next three boat shows to Sail 4 Cancer, starting with the Southampton Boat Show. Tom’s boat, “The Big C” will also be on display at the Southampton Boat Show, so please come along and marvel at what an amazing attempt he is making – and don’t forget to visit Jeckells the Sailmakers on stand G059.

For more information about Sail 4 Cancer please see the website at or call 0845 408 1849.

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