Thursday, September 18, 2008

Seasickness cure

Among the random emails received today was this one for lollipops that provide seasickness relief:

A Seasickness Remedy That Tastes Good, Too...All-Natural, Non-Drowsy Queasy Drops Available in Pleasing Flavors

WEST HILLS, CALIFORNIA (USA) – There are a variety of remediies for boaters prone to seasickness, but they often cause drowsiness and have some nasty side effects. All-natural Queasy Drops from California manufacturer Three Lollies are specially formulated to provide safe and effective seasickness relief – without the drowsiness and with no adverse siide effects.

Originally developed to provide good-tasting relief to women suffering from morning sickness and marketed through obstetrician's offices as Preggie Pops, the manufacturer soon discovered from some boating friends that the formula provided relief for upset stomachs on the water, too.

Available in lollypop (adult and kid sizes) and lozenge form to be sucked on like candy or a cough drop, Queasy Drops also taste good - with a variety of flavors including cinnamon, cola, peppermint, ginger, papaya, sour lemon, green apple and green tea with lemon.

Take the first Queasy Drop before leaving the dock, and then continue to suck on one periodically throughout the day. The different flavors have different ingredients and boaters will want to experiment with the flavor that works best. A good way to start is with a sample pack.

For more information about Queasy Drops, visit or call 1+856.665.3045.

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