Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Got to ski

It has been a mild winter out west, with not much snow at the resorts. While I don't get to the mountains as much as I would like, I usually have at least one trip in by now. That all changes this week, as the kids are out of school, so we are taking a flight to Utah this morning for four days at Park City and Snowbird.

Hard to say how much blogging will happen this week, but look for some interesting reports in Scuttlebutt. I enjoyed exchanging notes with Anna Tunnicliffe over the weekend, and we put together some information on another great sailing site in the Dominican Republic. There is also a neat story from a guy that enjoyed a chance opportunity to sail with the Morning Light team while he was vacationing in Hawaii. And next week, look for an investigative report on what is happening in Newport, RI in the winter. - Craig Leweck

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