Friday, January 12, 2007

Top Ten Sailing Blogs

We got into blogging in December 2005, not really having any idea what lied ahead. Soon we started looking around at how others handled their blog, which has helped us slowly figure out how to use ours. One of the best blogs we found is called Proper Course, where blogger Tillerman writes his posts in a way that speak to a broad audience. You don’t need to be in the blogger’s personal circle of friends to know what he is talking about, and this has allowed the Scuttlebutt newsletter to occasionally post Tillerman’s commentary.

As the Proper Course is viewed as a leader in the sailing blog world, Tillerman has taken on the task of encouraging other blogs to maintain high standards. Scuttleblog was particularly stoked when we found ourselves on the Proper Course’s annual list of Top Ten Sailing Blogs of 2006.

The Scuttlebutt newsletter is an immensely popular source of daily sailing news, and we are continually seeking out the very latest items of interest. We see the blog world as the underground media, and look forward to supporting those who use it responsibly.

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