Monday, January 22, 2007


Scuttlebutt turns 10 years in 2007, but we are far from alone this year in the anniversary category. After getting a few press releases on the subject from various industry giants, we began a list that grew beyond what would seem to reflect a typical year. We have moved the list to the Scuttlebutt Forum, which will provide a chance for additions from anyone who was slighted. As is, here is what we have:

US Sailing - 110
ISAF - 100
Yachting Magazine - 100
B&G Instruments - 50
North Sails - 50
Harken Yacht Equipment - 40
New England Ropes - 40
Vanguard Sailboats - 40
Elliott/Pattison Sails - 35
J/Boats - 30
Doyle Sails - 25
Sharon Green/ Ultimate Sailing - 25
Stagg Yachts/Farr International - 25
Onne van der Wal Photography - 20
Annapolis Performance Sailing - 15
and... Scuttlebutt - 10

The list also includes milestone years for events, one-design classes, and even a few birthdays. Click here to take a look, and please add on to the list where it is needed.

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