Monday, September 12, 2011

'Doing' versus sitting

So there I was, Saturday morning, watching the America’s Cup World Series racing in Plymouth, live on my computer. Very, very cool. I was totally enjoying the YouTube media platform and livestreaming capabilities, which offered me five different video and audio streams to choose:

Sports - A sports commentary for newer fans of the America's Cup
Sailing - Those seeking a more technical commentary.
Boat A - Ringside seat - selected on board audio and video
Boat B - Ringside seat - selected on board audio and video
Graphics - LiveLive and Virtual Eye providing a tactical graphics feed

The broadcast had seemingly improved from their inaugural ACWS event a month earlier, but after about 30 minutes, some of which was a race delay to allow a ferry to cross the course, I said to myself: “Craig, this is your weekend. You are sitting in your office... alone...on a beautiful day.” And that’s when I realized the hurdle for online viewing.

During this same weekend I was active outside, but I also watched some baseball, some football, and some tennis. Never did I watch a full game, but each time I was surrounded by people. Because watching sports is a social and entertaining occasion.

So while I am at work this week, I suspect my productivity will dip as I view the ACWS racing on Wednesday through Friday. But for their final racing on Saturday and Sunday, I will be choosing between watching the races online, or taking a break from the computer. Until I connect my hi-def 56” TV to the internet (or winter hits San Diego), I will likely be ‘doing’ versus sitting.

How are you handling this situation?

A reminder for U.S. viewers that the Versus cable channel will be broadcast a one hour highlights show on September 18 at 7:00 P.M. ET. -- Craig Leweck, Scuttlebutt

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At 3:51 AM, Blogger Peter said...

Go buy a Roku - the $99 model. You can't see the instant stuff, but as soon as it's available on replay you can watch it, pause it rewind it, all at your own convenience. You just need to keep your head out of the computer on race day so you don't know the results beforehand.

Also streams Netflix, Hulu, and many other services.


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