Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Party

There was a time when the Lido 14 class in SoCal was an absolute whos-who of the top racers in the region. But time marches on, and the class has struggled to maintain the enthusiasm.

The success of local fleets rests firmly on the shoulders of its members, and the Lido 14 fleet in Long Beach, CA has recently found some sparkplugs to carry the load. The boats are back on the water, and the energy is packed into their weekly email updates.

This communiqué had us laughing out load and needed to be shared. While the names may not be familiar, we suspect your sailing area has these types too:

For the final race of the 2011 Fleet Six Twilite Season (otherwise know as Mark Ryan's Date Nights), any skipper who attends this year's Holiday Extravaganza will be allowed to start the second race 3 seconds early without penalty. As you know this will send all other sailors who did not see fit to attend the Holiday Party right out the back end of the fleet, sucking your stale gas.

Additionally, we have asked Chris Ericksen, ABYC Historian and Orator Extraordinaire, to give a small talk entitled "Sexual Misadventures of Those Not In Attendance". You won't want to miss this one! (It's a small club and an even smaller Fleet, and Chris has an memory like an elephant)

Contact Lori VanSkyhock to RSVP (ask her about her new lingerie).

Chris Ericksen with two ladies who will definitely be at the Holiday Party!

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