Friday, May 14, 2010

You Can Be Jersey Too!

The International Lightning Class Association (ILCA) shares this piece of promotional wizadry cooked up by the New Jersey locals:

As we welcome visitors to the Metedeconk River Yacht Club (Brick, NJ) this August for the 2010 Women’s, Juniors’ and Masters’ Lightning North American Championship, we wonder given our state’s reputation, the jokes on late night TV, and the thoughts that the state’s biggest exports are pollution and mobsters, if people really know what our state is about. Please take the following quiz and learn more about New Jersey, along with its rich sailing heritage and a great vacation spot.

New Jersey/ Jersey Shore/Jersey Sailing Quiz

1. New Jersey has on its license plates:
a) Sinatra’s Birthplace
b) Home of the Boss
c) You from Jersey? ...what exit?
d) The Garden State

2. True or false: The 2010 North Americans at Toms River will be the first Lightning North Americans held in New Jersey.

3. Who of the following did not grow up sailing on Barnegat Bay, site of the 2010 NAs:
a) Two time NA Champion Allan Terhune
b) US Sailing President Gary Jobson
c) ILCA Class Measurer Bill Clausen
d) Multiple Yachtswoman of the year Betsy Allison

4. True or false: On the television series, “The Sopranos”, which was based in New Jersey, Tony’s boat, The Stugots, was docked at Mantoloking along the Jersey Shore. It was from this location where Tony left to kill former aide “Big Pussy” via gunshots and burial in the Atlantic Ocean. Mantoloking has one of the yacht clubs based on Barnegat Bay, and lies between Metedeconk and Toms River.

5. Which one of these Springsteen lyrics does not refer to the Jersey shore area?
a) “ Billy slammed on his coaster brakes and said anybody wanna go up to Greasy Lake, it’s a mile down on the dark side of route eighty eight, I got a bottle of rose so let’s try it”
b) “sparks fly on E Street when the boy prophets walk it handsome and hot, all the little girls’ souls grow weak when the man-child gives them a double-shot”
c) “At night we ride through mansions of glory in suicide machines; sprung from cages along highway 9, chrome wheeled, fuel injected and steppin out over the line”
d) “down on the boardwalk they’re getting ready for a fight gonna see what those racket boys will do”
e) “my machine, she’s a dud, I’m stuck in the mud, somewhere in the swamps of Jersey”

6. On the Metedeconk River Yacht Club burgee, there is an Indian, as first settlers in the area were Indians - what does Metedeconk translate to in Native American speak?
a) River with good fishing and hunting
b) Name for Jim Carson meaning “fast fuzzy”, first time Jim tacked to a safe leeward off tribe member’s canoe
c) We don’t know – can someone develop a good story?

7. The Jersey Shore Sea Breeze refers to:
a) Breeze which develops when land heats up, and cooling winds develops off the Atlantic Ocean to produce perfect 12-15 southeast knots on Barnegat Bay
b) Metedeconk River Yacht Club’s favorite rum drink
c) Hottest band playing along the bars at the Seaside Boardwalk

8. True or False: The Statue of Liberty is in New Jersey.

9. Which of these sailors won a national/international Lightning event held at Metedeconk River Yacht Club?
a) Jody Swanson
b) Jody Lutz
c) Larry MacDonald

10. True or False: On the fabled MTV Series, “Jersey Shore”, none of the participants was from New Jersey.

11. During the WJMs, when will the Metedeconk River Yacht Club bar close?
a) When the fat lady sings
b) When Race Committee Chair Jim Carson’s Schnitz pulls into his boat slip the next morning signaling start of the race day
c) When Rob Ruhlman says it’s time to close

12. What should one bring to the Jersey shore to enjoy two wonderful weeks of sailing this August?
a) A regulation, bonafide Lightning sailboat
b) Three individuals per boat who bask in sailboat races with great conditions and excellent competition
c) All one’s hopes and dreams
d) All the above

Answers in comments section

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At 5:32 PM, Blogger Scuttleblog said...

1. D. New Jersey is the Garden State. Believe it or not.

2. False. New Jersey has hosted 5 NAs, although none since 1965. Bay Head Yacht Club, which is situated across the river from Metedeconk, hosted the event in 1965 as well as the first NAs, held in 1943.

3. C. While Bill Clausen has been a long time friend on Barnegat Bay; alas he did not spend his formative sailing years there.

4. False. Though never explicitly said on the Sopranos series, Tony’s boat was believed to be docked in Sea Bright, which is a bit north of Mantoloking and the Brick/Toms River area. James Gandolfini, the actor who plays Tony and is a New Jersey native, often spends summers in Mantoloking however.

5. E. Bruce is a treasure of the Jersey Shore, as he cut his teeth playing in its local bars and clubs. His hometown of Freehold is a few miles away and the clubs where he got his start like the Stone Pony, still remains as a vibrant club in Asbury Park with original music – Bruce has been known to make surprise appearances, joining local bands. Might be worth a trip on an off night during regatta week. Back to the question, Bruce’s lyrics are filled with Jersey connotations. There are swamps in Jersey, with the largest ones being the Meadowlands area in Northern Jersey. But the beautiful Jersey Shore does not have swamps!

6. C. No idea what Metedeconk means.

7. A. Though less developed sailors may vote for B.

8. True but…. The Statue of Liberty is under the “territorial jurisdiction of both the states of New Jersey and New York”. But the only way to visit the Statue of Liberty via Ellis Island is to board a ferry boat in New Jersey.

9. A. and C. Jody Swanson won the 1984 Youth Worlds at Metedeconk and Larry MacDonald won the 1978 Junior NAs at Metedeconk.

10. False. Only one, Sammi Sweetheart was from New Jersey, though she was not from the Jersey Shore. None of the other characters, who have shaped a notorious image for the Jersey Shore, are from NJ. Not Snooki, not the Situation (though with his abs, maybe he could be a good middle crew and hike) and certainly not J-WOWW.

11. C. There’s a certain respect for the Last Man Standing and no one does it better than Rob.

12. D All the above. New Jersey is filled with champions – we will add a few more in the first few weeks of August.


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