Sunday, April 18, 2010

J/111 update

An update on the J/111:

The first hull hatched and she's ready to fly! The project is on track for sailing in June.

Key features enable state-of-the-art, affordable performance. Its 56 foot long carbon pre-preg Hall Spar uses ZyVex Corp's Arovex carbon nano-tube technology to reduce weight, lower VCG and improve stiffness compared to other carbon rigs-- a first for the sailboat industry.

For superior lift, lower VCG and maximum righting moment, its got a vertical L-shaped keel comprised of a 316L formed stainless steel fin and tear-drop shaped lead bulb.

The rig and keel combination enable performance characteristics similar to downwind flyers like the J/90 and J/125. With nearly the same BWL/Sailing Length and Downwind SA/Wetted Surface ratios as these flyers, the J/111 will be a rocketship reaching and running at double-digit speeds! Compared to the J/105, its about the same DSPL on 4 feet longer Sailing Length with 50% more Downwind SA. That power translates into speeds of 30-40 seconds per mile faster than the J/105. And, with higher RM (nearly 1,000 ft/lbs) than any of its 34-37 foot brethren, this sailboat will easily slice to windward at 7.0+ knots.

J/111s will be sailing in America at Newport, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco, Miami, Harbor Springs, Houston and Long Island Sound; in Europe at England, Germany, Sweden, France and Switzerland; and in Auckland, New Zealand and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Fresh photos of numero uno from the mold:

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