Thursday, May 20, 2010

3 men in a boat (sort of)

The Expert Olympic Garda 2010 - Eurolymp attracted international competition during the May 12-16 event on Lake Garda in Northern Italy. It also attracted an inflatable castle better known for entertaining small children at birthday parties. Here is a report from Derick Vranizan of Seattle, WA, who is the American Laser sailor in the video:

This was actually a pretty funny experience. As I recall it had been a pretty calm day for the most part. We were waiting for the breeze to fill in when I first noticed the castle floating down the lake. The YouTube clip is right before the first race when they finally made it onto our course, which was about half a mile to the south of Riva del Garda. The breeze had come on strong after a bit of a wait that morning and was pushing the castle at a pretty good rate.

I went over to have a look because, not only was there a bouncy castle floating in the middle of Lake Garda, but also because they had about four boats following them and filming the whole scene. When I got closer, they started yelling things like "USA! USA!" and "Barack Obama". All in all it was a pretty funny experience. I honestly had no idea that they were British because, other than the chanting and awkward yelling, they didn't say anything to most of the sailors. It looked like they were having a blast though, and it made for a bit of humor in an otherwise uneventful morning. It was a great way to start a fun day of sailing on windy Lake Garda.

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