Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What the sport really needs...

Not sure what the sport really needs, but this can't hurt. This comes from

Katrina Kaif has now a days developed a new hobby. The leggy lass has got hooked to yacht sailing. The actress, who is a big fan of water sports, wants to learn yacht sailing professionally. A source said, "Sailing as a sports activity has always fascinated Katrina. She always wanted to take lessons to master the art. There are several courses offered in the UK and Kats wants to give it a shot."

Kats has even discussed this with her brother, who also enjoys water sports. "In fact the two may take up this sailing course together,” added the source.
“Kats loves the sea. She feels a sense of freedom when she indulges in these water sports. But due to her busy schedule, she could never take time out to seriously pursue this hobby of hers. Now, she has decided to spare time from her film schedules to go abroad with her brother and learn yacht sailing,” the source says.

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