Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Tim Abady combines his literary skills with his America's Cup opinions in this dispatch titled An ode to 'many' water “birds”.

WE are a hostile challenger,
(So) WE throw all others aside,
We have no respect – for YOU,
(But) Expect YOU to show it for U.S.

YOU will not dare to upset us,
YOU will do as we say.
WE will control the rules,
WE will control the venue.

WE will specify the vessel,
We WILL measure as WE wish,
And we will control YOU.

You can all TRUST U.S.
We ARE frightened of Iran and Al-Quaeda,
Some say we are frightened
of YOU but,
We WILL prevail because

We are not soft....
We are the oracle,
We are USA.

WE will (,however, probably not actually race you one the water in case You beat U.S. There).

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