Friday, October 31, 2008

From Sandy Englehart, San Jose, CA:
I sent my non-sailor sister a copy of the Interim Report article on the Pacific Cup in the August issue of Latitude 38 because it had a picture of our start and a quote from our blog. She responded with this email that I thought the 'buttheads would appreciate:

Cool!!!! Great shot of all y'all's boat! It's funny when I read this stuff because it is soooo foreign sounding! It's like everyone is talking in another language half the time. Very entertaining to me ;-) You know:

"I gybed to lead a new spinnaker halyard. Yes, dancing is always fun. Of course I have been practicing so not much slatting or drifting happens and I won't get too close to the high. My high is weakening...maybe Gale can help if I can find her. She always has cocktails. Today's special: Rumline. Don't know why she spells it so funny. Trying to be fancy I guess. Oh...excuse me, miss fancy pants! RHumBline! I guess in the right hand corner of the ocean people are fancy! We'll be flying the 3/4 oz (is that legal now?) in 5-8 feet mixed swell. Anywho, later I found myself with an articulation between my hull and my keel. It really itches something awful!! Maybe I'll scratch doublehanded and feel better. Instead, I hoisted my kite and it's feeling a bit better. My only other complaint is that I'm sitting on a 13.5 knot and it's hurting my butt...that's a big knot and it might break my tiller. Maybe I need to go find Gale again..."

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