Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bummer story

They knew it was going to blow 30 to 40 knots. They knew the swell was going to be up to 4m. They were going to be running with it, so they figured it would be okay. Also, the conditions were supposed to moderate... but instead they got worse. Bummer story warning:

(Oct. 24, 2008) A crew of six leapt for their lives from their stricken yacht moments before it sank off Palm Beach yesterday as wild weather continued to pound Sydney, AUS. Skipper Marcus Lillycrapp, 48, who had just bought the yacht and was two hours into sailing it home from Pittwater to Brisbane, praised other boats and water police for coming to their rescue.

"They are the unsung heroes. They risked their lives," said Mr Lillycrapp, who was sailing with his son Damian, 20, and four workmates from his roof plumbing business. "I know they will probably say that we should not have been out there but we knew what we were doing." -- Read on

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