Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Life is short

Life is short. This offer is a bit more extreme than the "desert before dinner" theme, but what the heck:

Half price Antarctica!!!!!
Was AU$15,000 ……now a crazy AU$7,500!!!!! (Approx US$5,000)

Has Mowbray has gone mad? What makes you think he was ever sane?

Half price Patagonia!!!!! (12 day trip)
Was AU$5,000 now a miniscule AU$2,500 (Approx US$1,600)

Now I’m sure he’s lost the plot!!!

Patagonia including Cape Horn for 16 days
Was AU$7,500 now ridiculously cheap at AU$5,000 (Approx US$3,250)

You get all of your food, beer and wine plus good company thrown in!! You just need to hop a plane to South America and bring along a sense of humour and a personality!!! If you haven’t got one or the other then see if you can borrow them!!We’ll provide the rest of what you need!!

This is a once only offer and will not last….do yourself a favour...don’t ruminate, procrastinate or hesitate........or do anything else that ends in “ate”

Just step through the doorway of opportunity....hit the reply button on your email and let us know you’re interested or pick up the phone and ring ….

The trip of a lifetime is just a plane ride away!!

Available berths will not last….no joking….

If you cannot avail yourself of this amazing offer, why not do a friend a favour who may be able to, and forward this email to them.

Trip #1 15th Dec 08 – 6th Jan 09
Trip #2 13th Jan 09 – 4th Feb 09
Trip #3 11th Feb 09 – 5th March 09

Patagonia (12 day trip)
24th Nov 08 – 4th Dec 08

Patagonia & Cape Horn (16 days)
14th Mar 09 - 28th Mar 09

Talk soon,

Tony Mowbray
Mobile 0428 653071
Office 02 49458256

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