Thursday, July 10, 2008

Russell's alliances

Russell Coutts has his alliances. He is tied to the RC 44 class that he launched. He has been a spokesman for SLAM gear (he was also the face of Quantum sails and Omega watches). Now he is the CEO of BMW ORACLE Racing, so it was only a matter of time until all these entities began to merge. Here are the latest announcements:

SLAM is now the official gear of BMW ORACLE RACING
BMW is now the official car of the RC 44 Class Association.

We desperately want to assume that these alliances are padding Russell’s wallet. Fame and fortune can be a bonus for any sport, and Russell’s success is brightening the spotlight. While it is no more realistic for a little leaguer to become a pro baseball player, then is for a junior sailor to become an ACUP skipper, the possibility is what fuels the imagination and burns the fire of desire.

Russell can talk the talk and walk the walk. Good on ya!

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