Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Chinese propaganda

The Olympics coming to China has provided the country’s heavily controlled media with the opportunity to sugarcoat and sell the place like used car salesmen. However, the recent algae outbreak in China has challenged even their savviest wordsmiths. They are now pitching that the outbreak was not a result of pollution and poor water quality but rather due to increased rainfall and warmer waters in the Yellow. They claim that it will be cleaned up by July 15th, and that the government would try to block algae from floating into the Olympic sailing area by installing in the sea a fenced perimeter more than 30 miles long.

Perhaps the most reassuring statement coming from Big Red is this: “We will make all our efforts to finish this job,” said a propaganda official in Qingdao, who asked not to be named because of the political delicacy of the issue. “Now, forces from the entire province have become involved.” Oh good, the Propaganda officials are now onsite providing us information. Very reassuring!

Above items excerpted from NY Times article.

Photo courtesy of EyePress, via Associated Press

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At 6:41 AM, Anonymous John Ahrens said...

I'd hate to know what kind of poison they will drop into the water as the Olympics approach in order to have the algae "cleaned up"! I would not want to sail in that water!


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