Monday, June 30, 2008

Stepping Up

Scuttlebutt was copied to this email that was sent to US SAILING:

I strenuously objected to the proposition of mandatory membership. Now that the mandatory bit has been dropped, I've renewed my membership, and want to step up to the plate further. What needs are there for volunteers at US Sailing?

My experience is not terribly deep when compared with the volunteers described in the press. I have some experience in small boat training, having been the coach for the New Bedford High School Sailing Team, with the requisite Level One and Level Two US Sailing certifications. I have some experience in race management, and have a Club Race Officer certification. I also have some experience in boat building, having grown up in a cruising boat building family, as part of Edey & Duff, Inc.

If there are any areas in need of volunteer effort that could make use of my experience, please feel free to contact me. - Ian Duff.

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