Tuesday, May 06, 2008

No curtains

Among the positive attributes of the last America’s Cup was in its openness. Past Cups had pushed away the people, but this one welcomed spectators. The Acts brought the Cup boats to various countries, and the shielding curtains that hid the underbody of the boat were permanently pulled down prior to the Challenger Series (formerly known as the Louis Vuitton Cup). The fans once again felt connected with the event.

With so much uncertainty surrounding the next Cup, there does seem to be a continuation of the openness. Many of the documents, whether they are court papers or formal letters between the Clubs, have been getting posted online. Talk about bringing the sport to the people! The latest point-counterpoint between the two teams was reported in Scuttlebutt 2587, which had to do with the Swiss feeling like the American team was not fulfilling the terms of the Deed of Gift regarding some documentation about their boat. Below are the formal letters each team exchanged on the subject:

And now another letter on this subject:

Link to complete SNG letter, dated April 28, 2008
Link to complete GGYC letter, dated April 29, 2008
Link to complete SNG letter, dated May 6, 2008

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At 7:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This continues the ridiculous circus being staged by SNG. Presumably they are looking to start another lawsuit, as a way of delaying the start of the actual cup competition until 2009. They are turning people off in droves.

At 8:37 PM, Anonymous gmkjr said...

This topic is being widely discussed elsewhere on the Internet. It appears that large vessels which intend to sail in foreign waters such as the GGYC challenger must be measured by an approved entity after the boat is completed, in order to obtain a Certificate of Documentation. SNG is grasping at slender straws to support its obdurate resistance to the GGYC challenge, evidently in an effort to buy more time. Unfortuanely for them, it does not appear to be working.


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