Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Marketing coup

Founded in 1826, Skandia Cowes Week in the UK has become the largest sailing regatta in the World, with some 1,000 boats competing in 32 classes. All the focus on the event opened the door for LaserPerformance (Europe) Ltd and Volkswagen to partner now for the second year in hosting a championship of champions concept event called the Volkswagen Touareg King of Cowes, which is held on the Friday (August 1st) prior to the exceedingly popular race week.

The 32 previous year’s class winners race in identical Laser SB3s off Cowes in a one-day, three race regatta, vying for the top prizes of a Volkswagen Touareg, Laser XD and Laser BUG. To lure the SB3 fleet to donate their boats for this event, they include the owner as crew, and award prizes of a family holiday, a new main, and a new jib to the top three boat owners. The boat’s are heavily branded with logo marks, and based on the renewal of the event, the formula for sponsors and sailors must have worked.

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