Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cattle Call

There’s the definition of Cattle Call, which considers it to be an audition in which a large number of often inexperienced actors or performers try out. There’s also the popular 1950’s song by Eddie Arnold named Cattle Call (covered here by Dennis Brown).

And then there was the movie, National Lampoon's Cattle Call, where three guys cook up a scheme to meet women by putting advertisements in the paper and creating a fake casting call for a movie that really doesn't exist.

In the spirit of the circus otherwise known as the America’s Cup, there is now a new variation of the Cattle Call, this coming from Team FRENCH SPIRIT to help them find a designer for their America’s Cup effort. Here are their words:

“It is in order to build up that ideal team, to identify talent, tools and means, that Team FRENCH SPIRIT decided to develop an innovative strategy and has thus invited the main French and international naval architect firms to participate in the ‘Designer Competition’ under the presidency of Phillipe Gouard, technical director of the French sailing federation.”-- Full announcment

Contest rules

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