Friday, April 25, 2008

18 Foot Skiff Class

There are things that exist around you that you think you should know about, but don’t . Then the decision whether you ask or not has to be made. Hate seeming ignorant, and if you keep it to yourself, maybe you’ll figure out and nobody needs to know otherwise.

When it came to the 18ft skiffs, it seemed like there was different divisions, different types, different ideology amongst the countries participating. After failing to figure it out, we asked Frank Quealey, who we know as the guy who is constantly emailing us stuff about the class racing, and who holds a position within the Australian class.

“So Frank,” we asked. “Just to be clear, is there only one class of 18ft skiffs, or are there multiple divisions?” Here is Frank’s reply:

• There is only one class of 18ft Skiffs.

• We produce new skiffs from proceeds of our licensed club and sponsors as well as maintain and upgrade existing skiffs to keep them competitive.

• We have had built moulds to construct the hulls and sent one to the UK several years ago.

• We have also sold or had built most of the skiffs currently owned or raced in the UK and USA.

• Since 1938, we have conducted the Giltinan Championship and on many occasions paid assistance funds to overseas competitors.

• This is all to help promote international competition of 18ft Skiff racing.

• The club recently purchased a shipping container and assists some of our competitors to move the boats around the world to contest other regattas.

• This year we have boars going to New Zealand, France and USA during the northern summer before they return for our next season, which begins in October.

• Our President and one of the club Directors are now involved in setting up an International Board, which includes representatives from USA, UK, Europe and New Zealand.

Click here for class rules.

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