Thursday, October 12, 2006

Being misunderstood

There was a Curmudgeon's Comment in Scuttlebutt the other day, in Issue 2199, about how Scuttlebutt has been trying to gain information on how people may be able to donate funds directly to the Horrevoets’ family. You may recall that Hans Horrevoets was a crewmember of ABN Amro Two who lost his life in the North Atlantic earlier this year on the Volvo Ocean Race ‘05/06. Anyway, some folks were offended by this remark, as they felt it was a slight to those funds already established.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The only funds we are aware of have been established by third parties - not by the family. As Scuttlebutt had been contacted by various readers during the summer, and how they expressed an interest in wanting to donate directly to the family - and not through these other funds - Scuttlebutt wanted to learn how. We didn't think it would be too hard to do so. However, it has taken a long time to get the details, and we expressed a comment in Issue 2199 about this.

Despite some opinions and commentary on the internet, there is no conspiracy here to undermine other funds. We were just trying to answer questions for our readers, something we do every day of the week. - Scuttlebutt

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