Thursday, April 01, 2010

Lightning Boat Grant program

The Lightning class is smart. There is a bridge needed between the end of youth sailing and the beginning of adult sailing, and the Lightning class has built one.

For the fourth year, the International Lightning Class Association has sponsored its Lightning Boat Grant program, which focuses on bringing young people into the class. In 2010, three teams were selected from Illinois, Michigan, and Maryland as recipients of ready-to-sail boats, plus each team is partnered with experience sailors in the class to provide support.

The program has been a huge hit, and the class is understandably proud of the young people that have been involved. Recently the class spotted five of the young sailors who competed at the 2010 Boston Dinghy Cup hosted by MIT on March 27-28.

Said ILCA secretay Jan Davis, "Not only did they represent their respective colleges, but by virtue of their association with the Lightning Class, they make the entire ILCA proud."

Clinton Hayes - UVM - 1st A div - NEISA Sailor of the Week - 2008 Boat grant Alumnus,
Will Brown - Brown - 2nd A div - 2008 Boat grant Alumnus
Mitch Hall - USF - 11th A div - 2010 Applicant
Peter Hazelett - UVM - 10th C div - 2007 Jr. NA's Runner Up
Matt Schon - Salve Regina - 13th C div. - 2008 Jr NA's Runner Up

Jan Davis
International Lightning Class Association

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