Monday, April 27, 2009

Shipping costs

I contend that one of the problems with sailing as a sport for Canada and the U.S. is that the continent is too big. It is nice to travel and experience various sites, but when your options to cross these countries are the Panama Canal, the Northwest Passage, or 2+ days of straight driving, you are not going to see too many coasties taking the journey. Dinghy sailors have created multi-boat trailers to tackle the problem, but bigger boats face big bills to take the trek.

Out of curiosity, I read an email sent to me about an online tool for determining shipping cost for boats. I have no idea how good this service is, but it was fun to try uShip’s online Shipping Price Estimator (SPE), which supposedly estimates boat transport cost based not only on distance and boat dimensions, but also on trucking routes and availability.

The SPE dynamically adjusts for shifts in supply and demand in the market. The estimate is powered by the Transportation Price Index (TPI), uShip’s industry tool for tracking transportation prices expressed in dollars per ton-mile. As the TPI changes, results from the SPE will change.

Price estimator found at

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At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Larry Nielsen said...

I have used uShip to move an old IOR boat (40 x 12.5 x 7). The cost was about 1/3 of std boat trucking companies. The only issues was scheduling -- which was not a problem for this move. I would allow lead time to things to happen if you are heading for a race. The equipment used was the same as the expensive guys.


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