Thursday, April 23, 2009

Media merger

Dennis Conner is at it again. With all that he has done and said, he will forever be a notable personality in our sport. He need not win another pickle dish, he need not compete beyond his local beer can events, and he will still attract attention. He is known at all levels, from the beginner sailor to the U.S. President. To have that reach, you need to be nearly as good off the water as you are on the water.

Proving that he still has his media moves, he caught the attention of the non-yachting press by exercising what may be the most apt method to gain publicity, and possibly help market the sport. What did he do? Dennis asked syndicated radio talk show host Laura Schlessinger to go sailing with him. This Friday, “Dr. Laura” will be joining Dennis’ team aboard his Farr 60 Stars & Stripes on the 125 mile Newport Beach, CA to Ensenada Race.

Recruiting individuals (like Laura Schlessinger) who already have a strong following outside of sailing, and bringing them (and their media interest) into the sport, gets the sport attention outside of the cozy confines of the sailing media. Heck, it may even be good for them too.

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At 8:34 AM, OpenID ekonuk said...

Good on you Dennis. I hear the Dr. started sailing not long ago but she is learning fast and is quite good.

Fair winds and good luck in the race.



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