Sunday, January 11, 2009

Karma is a bitch

As provided by Rick Ermshar, Kaneohe, HI on Jan. 10, 2009:

A former Makani Kai Marina slip tenant sank at the sandbar today. Someone sent me the attached photo (and there’s a two-minute video at, and I imagine most of you remember the 36’ powerboat now named “Aquadelica” which I evicted from MKM about a year ago. Many of you may have encountered him at the sandbar.

I've had to pull that same boat off of reefs not once but twice, and I know others in MKM have also towed him off.

He's angered everyone at the sandbar numerous times. Every time he goes out, he first blasts by at high speed and the wake from his boat sends every other boat rocking wildly and knocks over anything set up on the sandbar's high spot (chairs, tables, volleyball nets, barbecues, whatever). Worst of all is that he has almost run over children several times! And that's all just as he approaches the sandbar. Almost every time.

Then he tries to anchor his boat. Note the use of the word "tries." He also insists on trying to take the best spot, no matter how many other boats are already there. He'll try to wedge in between, and usually bumps into other boats in the process. He has zero boat-handling skills, and after several unsuccessful attempts he usually relies on other people to swim over to his boat and anchor it for him.

Once anchored, the first thing he does is pull out a pair of huuuuuuge stereo speakers and proceeds to turn the volume up to 15 and blast the hell out of everyone within a mile. Then he and his friends proceed to get drunk and be lewd and rude and offensive to everyone else.

When he finally leaves, he blasts off and his wake shakes everyone else's boats again, and he quite often runs into one of the coral heads as goes back to his slip at Heeia Kea harbor. (He got a slip there after being evicted from MKM.) And he recently ran into another boat while trying to pull into the fuel dock.

It's a shame to see what happened to his boat, and I’m glad nobody got hurt… but on the other hand I'll bet big money that a whole lot of the sandbar 'regulars' are cheering.

Apparently the boat is still there at the moment.

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