Thursday, December 04, 2008

God stories

Karma, religion, or something as simple as asking for a miracle. Here is a story that was included in a newly published book called “God stories”:

“A fair wind and a miracle.” That’s what Alan Bond, the self-made Australian billionaire who financed Australia’s America’s Cup win over the United States in 1983, prayed for in the second-to-last-leg of the final race. By then, Bond’s Australia II was hopelessly behind Dennis Conner’s Liberty off Newport, R.I.

Ten minutes later, Bond says his prayer was answered when the calm winds suddenly picked up and drove the Aussies’ innovative wing-keeled yacht into the lead, propelling it to win the great race unexpectedly and break America’s winning streak of 132 years. The day after its victory, Australia II’s mainsail came down after the headboard broke during a photo shoot at sea.

“Not only had a miracle been performed in winning the race, but the boat had held together to get us across the finish line,” Bond recalled. “From this experience, I learned that prayers are answered.”

Bond, a British-born former sign painter, is one of 100 people who gave testimonials or “God stories” in a newly published book by the same name. -- Read on

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