Friday, November 21, 2008

Got money, need team

To win the America’s Cup under the terms of the 2007 Protocol required budgets around US$160,000,000. Now with the likely cost of an effective challenge, under the proposed new 2010 Protocol, more in the order of US$20,000,000, but with the same returns for sponsors and or investors, the package is potentially much more attractive to certain people with access to those with deep pockets in so called Sovereign Wealth funds.

I have been tasked to seek out the best America’s Cup group for these investors to place their funds. If you are running, or planning to run, an America’s Cup team and you would like to discuss how this primary funding can be attracted then please contact me and I will send you the brief from the interested parties. Contact Julian Everitt at

* NOTE: For interested teams, the Deed of Gift requires they be represented by a Club that, among other things, hosts an annual regatta. Not sure if everyone was aware of this fact, but in case an interested team needs a partner, Scuttlebutt Sailing Club meets all the requirements, and has been officially sanctioned by US SAILING since 2001. --

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At 7:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Julian, nobody answer at your phone number... please read your e-mails.

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