Monday, October 06, 2008

School fundraiser

Does this sound like your school fundraisers:

Even with a late start this year, Carrie and Brad Hill, organizers of the fourth annual Fort Myers Beach Cardboard Boat Races, brought the tough competition into the Gulf, with several teams battling for a potpourri of prizes and awards.

“We had eight boats show up, but as far as people showing up and participating, it went really well,” Brad said. “We raised about $1,250 for the Beach Elementary School. I think that’s even more than what we raised last year.”

Brad also said the added event of the year had a great response as well, allowing spectators to race in the 100-percent indestructible Mound House Mummy, one of Brad’s and Carrie’s creations from the past.

“The boat survived, and we made about $150 for the school just on that alone,” he said, with each race costing $10 to sail the unsinkable tomb.

The sands of the beach were scattered with cheering spectators, all eager to see who would float – and who would sink.
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