Monday, October 06, 2008

Laser vs. Bladerider Moth

Rohan Veal carries a lot of clout in the International Moth Class. He established his authority by twice winning the Worlds, he used the muscle of the internet to raise our awareness of this foiling boat, helped to launch a company geared to mass producing what had essentially been a custom build class, and now he is leading the pitch to get the class into the 2012 Olympics.

Well, he is not exactly pitching the class, but rather the Bladerider Moth, a brand that he works for. I suspect he is getting grief from the class about being a company man, but the other problem is that the slot the Moth is seeking is now currently held by the … LASER.

The Moth is new and sexy, but is there a class that meets the Olympic ideal better than the Laser? International, available, affordable, athletic, unpretentious… it is the easiest “next step” for youth sailors, and with Olympic status, it has become a legitimate landing point for elite sailors to pursue excellence.

The events for the 2012 Games will be decided at the 2008 ISAF Annual Meeting in November. I love the International Moth class; I just wish it was not looking to be the men's singlehanded dinghy event in 2012.

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At 11:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rohan mate, why would you want to ruin a great class by making it Olympic ??? In reality it will turn everyone off except one or two rpofessionals from each country endlessly travelling round the world to race each other week in week out - Oh soooo boring. Leave it to a crap boat like the laser

At 2:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would hate to see the Bladerider in the 2012 Olympics. We watched one on the weekend Vs Laser's. Guess who won? Laser full rig!
Why? No wind, The Lasers killed it.

Laser is the biggest sailing class in the world. Anybody can find one and they are so simple, yet it takes years to prefect sailing them which makes them great for compitition.

Stop stuffing around with the Olympics! How are the sailors of tomorrow meant to build up in classes if they are being removed before anyone can peak?

And while I'm at it, bring back the multi hulls you idiots, there people too!

As for the Bladerider, great looking boat, and for $12500 AUS for the cheap model maybe someone can afford it, but I can't!

But I can just afford my Laser!

At 9:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just one thing : the laser can be operated from a beach front, even with moderate surf anf breakers, and it makes the laser a favorite in many places like Club Med , beachfront hotels and resorts , innumerable sailing schools....etc

The foiler moth is a different story , I for one would'nt risk it in a beach launch except with the flattest sea (most probably combined with such a light wind that would make foiling impossible.

on the other hand it's handling is somewhat similar to a waterstart only windsurf, that will provide the same kind of speed and thrill for much cheaper

The laser, like so many "proletarian" boats (Sunfish, Mirror Dinghy, oppie,topper, windsurfer, Vaurien and 420, Hobie 14 and 14 reached high level of competition through mass diffusion siffusion (a key to close racing) and non specialization (those boats have always a profitable second career in club racing , sailing school, leisure cruising...etc

What's the use of a second hand bladerider except making a modern art exhibit to hang in your living room as a chandelier, with a string of halogen lamps or LED's ..?


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