Friday, May 30, 2008


Over one week ago, the Delta Lloyd Regatta in Medemblik, Holland was among the final events the Olympic fleet would compete in before they focus on their final training for the Qingdao games. In 2009, the Medemblik event will be among the seven events that form the inaugural ISAF World Cup Circuit. Journalist Lynn Fitzpatrick was onsite to report on the Olympic event, and provides some insight into the facility that hosted the 566 entrants:

"Situated approximately 40 kilometers north of Amsterdam, the Medemblik Regatta Center has just about everything going for it. Medemblik is an old community by any standard (founded in the 10th century and established as a village in 1289). Medemblik is a small community (7,600 population). It has lots of tightly packed, well-maintained two story homes; church steeples dotting the skyline; and a main street with outdoor cafes, bars, bakeries, a grocery store and a castle protecting the main harbor entrance." -- Read on

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