Friday, April 04, 2008

Dirty water

The Biggest Corporate Regatta Ever Seen

That was the headline of the press release, and here is the first paragraph:

“The biggest Corporate Regatta ever seen worldwide took place in Buenos Aires - Argentina, on March 28th. With an strategic event of high impact Danone, leading food products company, planned the "Danone - In Course for 2010" Regatta which had over 290 guests boarded in more than 45 sailboats and an exclusive private cruiser.”

The point of the press release was to promote the services of the company that ran the event (, but all we see in the many photos included is brown water. Perhaps if you are based in Buenos Aires, you don’t notice it. However, we see a lot of sailing photos, and they are not all from the Caribbean. Many are from some unglamorous places, and none are as striking as the silt-ridden waters of this place.

We are going to take a shower now.

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