Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Too Much Ernesto

After editing Issue 2424, we had this feeling the balance of the newsletter was not right. This is not always under our control. News is news, and we are more the tail than the dog. After doing a word count, we found that Ernesto Bertarelli was named in the newsletter nine times. While it remains a pretty small fraction of the 3200 words, it might be too much. Near as we can tell, Tom Ehman was second with five mentions, and Brad Butterworth was third with three mentions.

Maybe the problem is that these three gentlemen were frequently being discussed in relation to each other, which would have everything to do with the drama that surrounds the America’s Cup. Some love this soap opera, and others are running for the hills.

We will try to appease both sides, along with anyone in the middle. Like always, Scuttlebutt is a long buffet table, where you pick what you want to put on your plate as you work your way down to the guy slicing up that big chunk of meat. With fourteen stories and a sampling of letters in Issue 2424, we hope that no one went home hungry.

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