Friday, August 10, 2007

This week's soapbox

We really need to get off our soapbox about bad event website organization. As we see it, all the info needs to be in one place, with easy navigation to go from one item to the next. You should be able to go to the event website and find important items such as NOR, Event Schedule, Results, Reports, Photos, etc. Maybe an event doesn’t want to host a website. No problem, just add a directory off the class or event host site. Bottom line is that you should be able to distribute a single URL to anyone interested, and that when going to that site, the viewer easily can find all the info. Also, every item on the site needs to have a direct link, so that if someone wants just the results, they can have it.

Sample event site:
Results only:


Event site on YC:
Results only:

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