Friday, October 29, 2010

The eating season - 3rd edition

When the first edition of the Eating Season was posted in April 2009, the fat hangover clouded some of the details. The second edition in January 2010 included vital updates, and now with the third edition upon us, we need to be more wary than ever. Brain cells come and go, but fat cells live forever.

October - Halloween.
November - Thanksgiving.
December - Christmas
January - Holiday leftovers, Mount Gay in Key West and Girl Scout cookies.
February - Macking on the Thin Mints, plus Super Bowl snacks.
March/April - Bam… Easter treats.

Undoubtedly I will get a couple colds during the Eating Season that will derail whatever exercise I am doing to ward off the fat cells.  As for the other months, they may seem harmless but beware of holiday cocktail weekends in May, July, and Sept.

Sage advice from Hill Street Blues:

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