Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What about R/C sail racing events?

I received this email from Jonathan B. Luscomb, Palm Beach, FL:

It seems to me that we cover all sorts of sail racing events all over the world, but what about R/C sail racing events? I flew to Connecticut this weekend to sail both J-class model yachts and East Coast 12 model yachts. The event was a three day event at Mystic Seaport Museum. It was a very spectator friendly event in that it was much like a stadium event and well covered by local papers and TV. Something the 33rd Americas Cup Acts tried to accomplish.

On Friday the J-class model yachts that represented were Ranger, Endeavour, Shamrock, Whirlwind, and Enterprise. A total of 13 yachts sailed. These J's are built to 1/16 scale and are seven to eight feet long with 10-foot rigs and one foot draft. The sails are reinforced Mylar sail cloth. They weigh over 100 lbs. each. The racing was very close among the boats and Seaport patrons were treated to very intense and sometimes vocal racing all day long.

The East Coast 12 meter class began back in the 1960's (1963 I think) when a wave tank 12 meter plug designed by Charlie Morgan was splashed and made into a R/C model. This regatta was 21 strong and went on for two days. Again it was intense and a good show for the museum visitors.

These sailors sail by the RRS, have done the Bermuda Race, and drink Mount Gay, Dark and Stormys and beer just as fast and as many as big boat sailors do!

J-Class Start

J-class windward mark rounding (sailors in background) - notice channel marker size

EC-12 start (I am 92)

Click here for additional photos.

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At 5:48 AM, Blogger Pete said...

ThanX for an excellent article and mostly thanX for bringing "Scuttlebut" to the RC table.


ps Who won what??

At 12:51 AM, Blogger Pat said...

Given that Ernesto Bertarelli has put a motor on his America's Cup catamaran, thus dispensing with part of the crew, could not that be a first step toward large-format R/C sailing?

With radio-controlled America's Cup boats, the lawyers could occupy themselves with determining which forms of electronic espionage and hacking are allowed under Bertarelli's special "SNG Rules".

Unfortunately, the savings in crew on the boats would be far more than offset by the hiring of computer hackers and lawyers.

At 12:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

RC sailboats are the most peaceful way to enjoy radio control boating. This way are also the hardest rc boats to master - with a nitro or electric model boat you can just open the throttle and blast round the lake.


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