Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Harken perch

With a bad economy, great customer service is vital. From this Harken report, I think they just pushed the bar a bit higher:

HARKEN PPDT (Parrot Perch Development Team)
1252 East Wisconsin Ave.
Pewaukee, Wisconsin USA 53072-3755

Hello Harken Humans,

I would like to thank you very much for my superlative perch, complete with engraved name to make sure some other parrot does not try to lay claim to such a finely crafted piece of gear.

I have completed initial trials and I’m happy to say the perch is flawless in its design and execution. During the recent Friday night Beer Can races off Waikiki, we saw winds gusting in excess of 30 knots. The perch remained solidly mounted and could be precisely rotated for proper head-to-wind alignment, avoiding any uncomfortable gust up the tail-feathers.

Some of my fellow sailors asked if there was a titanium model available. I much prefer the weight of the stainless steel model which keeps my 900 grams of feathers and fluff securely ballasted in stronger winds.

I look forward to future developments in HARKEN perches.

I am sending a few island style treats for the team to enjoy.



Harken perch:

Previous model:

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